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About betnesol

Betnesol 0.5 MG Tablet is like the normally happening steroidal hormones (hydrocortisone/cortisone) delivered by the adrenal organs. It is utilized to treat inner and outer swelling related to infections like asthma, colitis, joint pain, extreme skin hypersensitivities and so on. It is likewise utilized for different conditions like an adrenal hormonal deficiency, certain sorts of pallor, cerebral oedema and so forth.

Betnesol Uses

  • Allergy and irritation

This pharmaceutical is utilized to lessen or avoid swelling and aggravation related to conditions like asthma, colitis and so on.

  • Joint irritation

This prescription is utilized to assuage swelling and agony related with sicknesses like joint pain, rheumatoid joint pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, gout and so on.

  • Eye irritation

This pharmaceutical is utilized to alleviate swelling, bothering, consuming the eye caused because of diseases, sensitivity, introduction to synthetic substances and so forth.

  • Skin issue

This prescription is utilized to assuage swelling, tingling, redness, and consuming related to different unfavourably susceptible skin conditions like pruritus, pemphigus vulgaris, seborrhoeic dermatitis and so forth.

Betnesol Side effects

Notwithstanding its expected impact, Betnesol 0.5 MG Tablet may cause some undesirable impacts as well. In such cases, you should look for restorative consideration instantly. This isn’t a thorough rundown of reactions. If it’s not too much trouble advise your specialist in the event that you encounter any unfriendly response to the drug.

  • Obscured vision MAJOR RARE
  • Expanded hunger
  • Acid reflux
  • Uneasiness and apprehension
  • Skin tingle
  • Drying and breaking of skin
  • Skin inflammation
  • Change in skin shading
  • Relentless diseases
  • Sporadic menstrual periods
  • Wretchedness
  • Development hindrance in kids
  • Dryness of voice

 Betnesol Dosage

Missed Dose directions

Contact your specialist for directions in the event that you missed planned measurements of this solution. A self-endeavour to compensate for the lost measurements may result in unfriendly impacts.

Overdose directions

Contact your specialist if an overdose with this medication for is suspected particularly when the endorsed dosage is high. Side effects may incorporate diminishing of the skin, simple wounding and dying, muscle to fat ratio stores and so on.


Prior to utilizing Betnesol Tablet, educate your specialist about your present rundown of pharmaceuticals, over the counter items (e.g. vitamins, home grew supplements, and so forth.), hypersensitivities, previous sicknesses, and current wellbeing conditions (e.g. pregnancy, up and coming medical procedure, and so forth.). Some wellbeing conditions may make you more helpless to the symptoms of the medication. Take as coordinated by your specialist or take after the heading imprinted on the item embed. Measurement depends on your condition. Tell your specialist if your condition endures or declines. Essential advising focuses are recorded underneath.

Maintain a strategic distance from the inordinate use of cream in youngsters

Counsel your specialist about the proposed course of the organization of this medication

The cream is for outer utilize as it were

Try not to utilize cream crosswise over substantial territories of the body

Try not to utilize the cream all over for over 5 days.

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