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What is Cancer ?

Cancer is an uncontrolled development of abnormal cells anywhere in one body. These abnormal cells are called cancerous cells, lethal cells, or tumor cells. These cells can infiltrate normal body tissues. Cancers tissues and cells  of the cancers.

This is not limited to humans; Animals and other organisms can be cancerous. Below is a schematic that shows normal cell division and It has also been shown that when such damaged or immaculate cells do not die and cancer cells are not formed and show uncontrolled division and increase-a group of cancer cells develop. Often cancerous cells differ from this basic mass of cells Can travel through the blood and lymphatic system and record other organs, where they can control uncontrolled growth cycle. Can repeat.

Treatment of cancer

There are many types of cancer. Depending on the treatment you have, you will have an edge. Some people with disabilities will have only one treatment. However, many people have a combination of medicines, for example For radiotherapy treatment, as well as chemotherapy, you can also get immunotherapy, guided treatment or hormonal treatments like this. Clinical initial may also be a possibility for you . The clinical preliminaries are investigating that individuals are involved in understanding what they are and how they work, it may be able to choose you. If you have participated, this is a decent choice for you.

When you need treatment for lethal enhancement, you have a long way to go and think.It is more specific to feel more powerful and foolhardy, maybe you are having a conversation with your specialist and you You can do a lot of things about the treatment options, including clinical primer, you can decide on an option to like.

Type of cance

  • Breast cancer

Bosom malignant growth is the second most regular cancer in women after skin malignancy. Mammograms can identify bodom malignancy early, potentially before it has spread. Investigate the connections on this page to take in more about bosom malignant growth avoidance, screening, treatment, measurements, look into, clinical preliminaries, and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Lung cancer

There are two fundamental types in the lethal development of the lungs:


the development of non-small cell lung cancer and smallest cells. Smoking causes many lungs to develop, but non-smokers may also have lung cancer. On this page, more and more on this page to take a tip of the lungs fatal development treatment, forecast, investigation, measurement, investigation, clinical preferences and only iceberg. To Mr. investigation.

  • Prostate cancer

This  is the most famous deadly rise and second driving reason for malignant death among men in the United States. This  is gradually eliminated for more than half of the part, and find out about the manifestations before it And treating it can not increase the well being of men or help them live more. To check the relationships on this page New, prostate malignant growth, forecast, screening, measurement, research, and information about.

  • bladder
  • colon and rectal
  • endometrial
  • kidney
  • leukemia
  • liver
  • melanoma
  • non-hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • pancreatic
  • thyroid

Cancer genetic

Genetic factors can contribute to the development .

The genetic code of a person occurs when their cells are called for split and ending. Changes in the seeds can be due to faulty instructions, and can be the result of cancer.

The production of cells also increases. Proteins bring many instructions for cellular development and division. Some genes change proteins that usually repair damaged cells. It can be cancerous.

If parents have this genes, then they have changed their children’s instructions. There are some genetic changes after birth, and factors like smoking and sun exposure can increase risk.


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