Deriphyllin, Theophylline, deriphyllin injection,


(Etofylline and theophylline)

What is uses this tablet?

Deriphyllin Tablet infusion/syrup/tablet is utilized for the treatment of the following:

Deriphyllin Tablet may likewise be recommended for different conditions as controlled by the specialist.

Side effects

The accompanying is the most widely recognized symptoms of deriphyllin Tablet:

  • Tipsiness
  • A migraine
  • Fractiousness
  • Disposition changes
  • Insecurity
  • Restlessness

The accompanying are the serious symptoms and you may require quick restorative consideration:

  • Expanded thirst
  • Sporadic heartbeat
  • Tireless regurgitating
  • Serious muscle torment
  • Strange tiredness

This is certifiably not a total rundown of symptoms and others may happen. If you don’t mind counsel your specialist to find out about other conceivable symptoms.

How to use Deriphyllin

Prior to utilizing deriphyllin Tablet, advise your specialist about your present rundown of meds, over the counter items (e.g. vitamins, natural supplements, and so forth.), previous sicknesses, and current wellbeing conditions

(e.g. pregnancy, up and coming medical procedure, and so forth.).

Some wellbeing conditions may make you more powerless to the symptoms of the medication. Take as coordinated by your specialist or take after the bearing imprinted on the item embed. The dose depends on your condition. Tell your specialist if your condition perseveres or declines. Essential advising focuses are recorded beneath.

  • Abstain from drinking or eating nourishments high in caffeine
  • Keep away from the utilization of charged drinks
  • Be watchful in the event that you devour liquor
  • Be watchful in the event that you have any sensitivity
  • Kids
  • Counsel a specialist in the event that you are experiencing ulcers, coronary illness issues, overactive thyroid, hypertension or liver sickness
  •  Specialist in the event that you are taking aminophylline or xanthines
  • Counsel a specialist in the event that you have cardiovascular disappointment, hypertension, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, renal or hepatic brokenness
  • Try not to drive, utilizing apparatus, or do any movement that requires readiness

Other vital Information on Deriphyllin Tablet

Missing a measurements

On the off-chance that you miss a measurement, utilize it when you take note. On the off that it is near the season of your next measurement, skirt the missed dosage and resume your dosing plan. Try not to utilize additional measurements to compensate for a missed dosage. On the off chance that you are frequently missing dosages, consider setting an alert or requesting that a relative remind you. If you don’t mind counsel your specialist to examine changes in your dosing plan or another calendar to compensate for missed dosages, on the close chance that you have missed such a large number of measurements as of late.

Overdosage of Deriphyllin Tablet

Try not to utilize more than recommended measurement. Taking more prescription won’t enhance your indications; rather they may cause harming or genuine reactions. On the off chance that you speculate that you or any other individual who may have overdosed of Deriphyllin Tablet, it would be ideal if you go to the crisis bureau of the nearest healing centre or nursing home. Bring a prescription box, holder, or name with you to assist specialists with important data.

Try not to give your meds to other individuals regardless of whether you realize that they have a similar condition or it appears that they may have comparative conditions. This may prompt overdosage.

If it’s not too much trouble counsel your doctor or drug specialist or item bundle for more data.


Deriphyllin tablet expired

Taking a solitary dosage of lapsed Deriphyllin Tablet is probably not going to create an antagonistic occasion.

Be that as it may, it would be ideal if you talk about with your essential wellbeing supplier or drug specialist for legitimate counsellor on the off chance that you feel unwell or debilitated. Terminated medication may wind up inadequate in treating your endorsed conditions. To be erring on the side of caution, it is essential not to utilize lapsed medication. In the event that you have an endless sickness that requires taking pharmaceutical always, for example, heart condition, seizures, and hazardous sensitivities, you are considerably more secure staying in contact with your essential medicinal services supplier so you can have a new supply of unexpired prescriptions.


Theophylline is utilized to regard lung infections, for example, asthma and COPD (bronchitis, emphysema). It must be utilized routinely to anticipate wheezing and shortness of breath. This prescription has a place with a class of medications known as xanthines.

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