(Hair loss) How to get longer and beautiful hair

Possible causes for hair loss or poor condition

Possible causes for hair loss or poor condition of the hair can include hormonal changes, inherited male pattern baldness, an under active thyroid gland a long protracted illness and specific types of skin infections.

There are other triggers that contribute to hair loss, and these include stress, contraceptive pill, steroids, antibiotics and barbiturates. Cancer drugs and radiotherapy treatment can also have adverse effects on the hair and scalp.

Symptoms :

Hair loss

  • Shedding more hair than usual
  • Your hair coming out in clumps
  • Bald patches appearing on your scalp
  • Poor condition of the hair which is manifested by a dull, dry or coarse texture.

There are various cures which can be used to prevent or help to cure hair loss, and these include:


Which includes a whole food and exercise regime which will assist in extra blood flowing to the scalp. Massage to the scalp also helps in improving blood flow to the area and removing toxins. Most experts agree that stress and stress related conditions such as nervous tension, hormonal balances that are out of sync, etc., seem to affect the hair adversely. Applying naturopathy can produce excellent results.

Vitamins and Minerals

It is thought reducing animal fat in the diet can assist in reducing hair loss as a high intake of high fat substances are thought to weaken the hair follicles. Maintaining or increasing the consumption of essential fatty acids is advisable. These can be found in salmon, herrings, tuna, sardines, and cold pressed plant oils. Products which contain wholegrain, nuts, seeds, olives, and avocados are all excellent sources of these types of essential fatty acids.


Burdock root can be used on weakened hair as it helps to give it strength. Once boiled in water, it is massaged into the scalp and can also be used as a rinse. Nettles can also be used, and are recommended for their cleansing and toning qualities. Nettles also make an excellent source of nutrition when eaten.


Specific essential oils are recognized as being an excellent treatment for hair loss. These include pimiento, clary, sage, and horseradish. Aromatherapy oils can have a beneficial effect on hair loss problems.


Homeopathy medication such as Lycopodium can be taken for hair loss and for premature baldness and greying hair.

Other Therapies

Stress beating therapies such as yoga, T’ai Chi and relaxation are all proven methods of beating hair loss and other hair problems. Stress is probably one of the worst offenders for causing hair loss and stress beating therapies may be all that is needed to reduce the problem.

Medical Treatment

This can include dietary advice, vitamin supplements, and hair replacement treatments and therapies. These of course would depend on the specific needs of the patient involved.

Prevention of hair loss includes:
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Using gentle natural hair products and preparations
  • Avoiding treatments that weaken your hair such as specific types of perming solutions, heated rollers, hair straighteners, aggressive hair shampoos, etc.

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