Male hormone and therapeutic solutions

 Hormone replacement

male hormone replacement therapy has many benefits can be summarized as follows:
  •  Bone: Increases the benefits of bone mass, reduces osteoporosis, and reduces osteoporosis that progresses gradually with age.
  • Muscle and physical strength: 
  • Gradual improvement with the reduction of male hormone deficiency and improve metabolism and reduce the process of gradual inhibition of muscles and mass of the body that occurs, usually, with aging.
  • Sexual and mood functions: 
  • Gradual improvement in sexual desire and sense of pleasure and sensual pleasure with a gradual increase in the frequency of intercourse and ease of sexual arousal. It has also been shown that the patient has improved memory, thinking and ability to perform.
  •  Cardiovascular:
relative improvement in the level of blood hormones and various effects in the factors of clotting and positive role of the effect of insulin on the tissues.
Some recent medical studies have shown a link between the low level of male hormone in older people and increased risk of coronary heart disease and angina, and may be accompanied by a gradual increase in triglycerides with a risk to the heart.
The treatment of this problem is easy and affordable, medically, and is by compensating the incomplete part of the male hormone, either through pills or topical paint on the skin, or needles, and the latest drugs in this area is a drug given by injection and is characterized by other drugs by giving a level Stable for the male hormone in the blood and for a long period more than a month.
However, it should be emphasized that, in the case of the use of treatments for the treatment of male hormone, must be conducted under the supervision of medical accurate to get the best results and avoid any side effects of these drugs.


Drug tharapy
Professor Saleh Saleh explained that the latest treatments for ED are given orally and have revolutionized treatment in the last 20 years and that each type of drug available in pharmacies has its advantages. Each type should be described according to the patient’s own condition. For example, some patients find it convenient to take the drug “Herox 5 mg daily” on a regular basis, regardless of whether there is intercourse or not! Because this method of treatment would improve sexual health a lot when men, and have the ability to exercise intimacy anytime they want, because it improves the function of the reproductive system in men and helps protect the heart, and ultimately aims to improve the marital relationship and maintain Vital body functions, helps in family stability and marital life.
Evaluation and follow male hormone
It is important that continuous medical follow-up be carried out, from the moment the actual treatment begins, in order to assess the degree and extent of benefit. This evaluation is multifaceted. It includes evaluating the degree of benefit and reassurance of the absence of any side effects that affect the patient’s life and health, because the primary and primary goal in giving this treatment is the quality of life of the patient, God willing. Therefore, it is recommended to continue medical follow-up and evaluation during the stages of treatment to obtain the desired benefit, and this is based on the self-perception of the patient and the mental and mood, has a marked improvement in physical and mental abilities and less idle and fatigue and laziness and increase activity and vitality and ambition. There is also a noticeable improvement in sexual desire and ability and a gradual increase in the number of times of cohabitation. The patient may notice erectile dysfunction sometimes in uncoordinated periods, all of which are considered successful treatment. In terms of physical area, there is a gradual improvement in body size and increase in muscle size and strength and gradual decrease in the proportion of fat, and may occur in some patients redistribution of fat from the lower abdomen and buttocks and thighs, such as the distribution of women to other areas of masculine nature.
There has also been an increase in the growth rate of beard and mustache. For other areas of skin or skin, the skin may turn from dry to greasy in varying proportions. The role of follow-up in the laboratory should not be overlooked when evaluating the response to treatment. The following medical tests should be performed, each patient according to his or her condition and according to age,
  • Analysis of the level of full and free male hormone.
  •  Full blood image.
  • Liver function analysis.
  • Analysis of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Bone mass analysis and vulnerability tests.
  • Prostate and seminal vesicles, these include the amount of semen, a routine prostate test, and the prostate signings as well.

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