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What is meditation?

Meditation is the one who gives you deep comfort. It is said that the deeper depth is deep. The benefits of meditation are many. A calm mind, good concentration, clarity of cognition, improvement in communication, inner strength, and rest is regular form. There are all natural consequences to pay attention to. In today’s world, where tension can catch fast, see or feel like an eye, not meditation and a luxury. This is a necessity. Without Hadyan condition puts the power to the happiness and peace of mind.


How to meditate?


With the demands of busy speed and modern life, many people seem to work more heavily. It often seems that there is not enough time to complete everything in the day. Our tension and fatigue are sad, impatient and depressed It can affect our health too. We are often so busy that we feel that there is no time to stop and meditate! But meditation is actually going to calm your mind and He gives you more time by concentrating. A simple tenor 15-minute breathing can help you to overcome your stress and get some internal peace and balance.

Meditation can also help us to understand our mind. We can learn that to change our mind from negative to positive and peaceful, to be unhappy, peaceful, happy. To win over negative thoughts and The cultivation of creative ideas is the purpose of the changes made in Buddhism. This is a serious spiritual practice which you can enjoy all day, and not Sitting on the map. On this website, you can learn the basics of Buddhist meditation. Some books have been mentioned that will help in deepening your understanding if you want to find more. Anyone benefited from the attention given here Maybe Buddhists or not. We hope that you find this website useful and you learn to enjoy inner peace which comes in meditation.

Prepare for meditating

1. Relax


Do this tension and relax the exercise to relax:

Take a breath through the nose, until it can stop your breath, and unless you breathe in your breathing and breathe in your mouth If there is a stress for five seconds, then exhale the breath away with short and long breath, and once you breathe out and remove the stress after some time.

2. Pray

Start your attention with a prayer. It will help you to remember why you are paying attention! To help you in your practice, you will also invite the Divine or your High Self.

3. Sit still

To pursue the energy of your body and energy, the sum of the formula that was left and reduced to the energy was similar, and there was also another physical movement during remote meditation.

For the first five minutes of your age Getting solid solid solid form will increase your body inside your body. Your physical and mental restlessness will be with you. A glass of water will be used in time. It was true for that!

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