Are Organic Foods Better For You? & Pros of Organic Food.

Organic food

Organic food

You have heard a lot about organic foods. Many people are looking for safer, more natural foods and organic food fits the bill. Some researchers say that organic foods are better for you because they are pesticide free. Other people say that food is food and that organic food is no better for you than any other types of foods. So, are organic foods better for you than foods that are not grown organically? Here is a closer look.


Pros of Organic Food :

There are several pros of organic foods that no one can argue with. First of all, these foods are grown so that they do not use chemical’s and pesticides. Farmers that produce organic foods find other ways to control weeds, insects and disease rather than spraying them with harsh chemicals. Natural fertilizers are preferred over chemical’s. If you are looking at organic meat’s, there is a difference there, too. For example, traditionally, farmer’s that tend to livestock for food consumption will inject the animals with antibiotics, growth hormones and other types of medications. These are to prevent diseases and help the animal grow larger. Organic farmers do not do this. Instead, they feed their animals organic foods and allow them to live outside and take preventative measures to raise livestock. In short, plants and animals that are grown organically are better for the animal, the environment and you.

Disadvantages of Organic foods:

Many people find that there are some disadvantages of organic foods. For one, it is more expensive. This is because it costs more to tend to animals and produce livestock organically. These higher costs are passed on to the consumer. Families with an already tight budget may pass on organic foods because of price alone. Also, organic foods may be harder to find. While it is true that many grocery stores are now carrying organic foods, many smaller cities may not have large choices. You may be limited in what you can buy without going to a specialty store.

You should also remember that not all organic foods are the same. The USDA certifies organic foods and has guidelines that must be followed. It is also interesting to note that if you buy an organic food, it does not mean that all of the ingredients in the product are organic. If it is certified as USDA organic, it means that at least 95 percent of ingredients are organic. Foods that are marked “made with organic ingredients” simply means that ingredients used to make the product are 70 % organic. These will not be labeled with the USDA seal.

Organic food

So in short, when you have to make the decision of whether or not to go organic at the grocery store, keep a few things in mind. There have been no conclusive studies that show that organic foods are more nutritious than organic foods. The USDA certifies these products, but does not endorse them as safer or more nutritious. Also, keep in mind that some organic products may not look the same as non-organic foods. This is because no wax or preservatives are used. They may spoil faster, too. Take all of this into consideration when shopping.

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