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How to End the Proper Running Form

The best runner sees it simple, but there is a lot that goes in the running efficiently.

Running is easy-just lace up your sneakers and start moving at a faster pace than a walk. But running properly? That’s a lot easier said than done Your unique run mechanics is determined by the strength and flexibility of certain muscles. “It’s important to pay attention to mechanics, even if you’re an elite or professional runner,” says Adidas high-performance coach Terrence Mahon. “We’re trying to do things: One cannot get hurt so that we can “In other words, the better your form, the easy running feeling-especially when you start to get fatigued. Here’s what you should be doing when you run, from your head to your toes.

Your head

You can think of running your bottom part, but you need to dial the technique to run upwards. They said, do not look at your feet, “make sure you look straight in front of you”, “Kelly Fisheries, Uptifer-Certified Running Coach and Asian Studios Instructor “.” Do not tilt your chin up or down, this hap means when people get tired. “In fact, your eyes can appear anywhere, Lake A not-so-sighted look helps maintain proper posture, which helps keep the neck aligned with its spinal cord, “I see that he is a person who starts walking on his head, Whose head is always in front of his body, “says Mahan.” You want to keep your shoulders in line with your shoulders. ”
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Benefits of running

1. Improving your health

Believe it or not, it is actually a good way to increase the level of your health. Research suggests that by running, your cholesterol level can be increased while you increase lungs to function and use. In addition, you can promote your immune system and reduce the risk of developing blood clots.

2. It Prevents Disease

For women, running can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. It can also help in reducing the risk of having a stroke. Today many doctors want to run for people who have diabetes, high Blood pressure, and osteoporosis are in the early stages and it is proven to help reduce the risk of heart attack. To keep your elasticity and heart strong The possibility of having a heart attack may be greatly reduced while helping out.

3. You can lose weight

Running is one of the best types of exercise to lose or maintain a continuous weight. You will find that this is a leading way of burning excess calories and this is the second most effective exercise that is burnt every minute. Only after cross-country skiing.

4. Running boosts your confidence

All the advantages of walking are not physical. Your self-esteem and self-esteem can be well understood. By establishing and achieving the goals, you will be able to understand yourself more powerful, which will make you feel happier.

5. It relieves stress

Stress can actually cause many types of health and mood problems. This can reduce the quality of hunger and sleep. When you run, you force your body to use extra energy and hormones Scoring helps in reducing the chances of developing your stress headache.

6.The power to stop running depression

When you are disappointed, the last thing you want to do is to get up and go for a run. Still, you will know that after a few moments of running, your brain will start hiding the hormones which are natural The form improves your mood. In fact, there are some things in the world that can overcome depression rather than exercise or face depression faster. Running It is incredibly beneficial for body, mind and spirit. You will know that small cuts can make you feel more active, and you can feel more energetic and better.

How to start running ?

There is a great way to run, to feel good, and to build new relationships with other runners. It is not difficult to start a new habit This is a comfortable pair of shoes and you have a desire to move a little bit or more according to your speed. Well, the guide makes it easy to start, get motivated and stay on track. You are ready? Let’s go!

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