Sexual disorders in men | Stimulation and Continuity

Sexual Disorders Stimulation and Continuity

Sexual disorders is a problem in the sexual cycle of arousal and continuity and then ejaculation and sexual orgasm and followed by rest, and 43% of men suffer from some difficulties in their sexual life, and often reluctant Arab patient to raise this issue, although most of the causes of these problems For treatment there are organic causes of sexual problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some neurological diseases, glands disorder, kidney and liver decline, alcoholism and some medications.
The psychological causes are related to stress of life and work, psychological anxiety and fear of sex, marital problems, depression, guilt and the impact of previous shocks in sex. These disorders occur in all ages, including weak erections, weak sexual desire and premature ejaculation.
Sexual disorders

Result of male sexual performance dissatisfaction

This is a result of dissatisfaction with the sexual performance of the man and sometimes the partner is affected so quickly, and this disorder is one of the easiest disorders in the treatment, which is often since puberty. The weakness of the erection or Erectile dysfunction is the ability to erect enough and long enough to get intercourse and this weakness may have reasons for membership in the proportion of cases, but the largest cause is myself and may be tension and confusion on the wedding day , may be age may be accompanied by weakness of sexual desire or have nothing to do  The desire, these cases require tests to find out which organic causes, and diagnosis and treatment.

hormonal imbalance in sexual disorders

The weakness of desire may be the result of a hormonal imbalance and most of the existence of anxiety and psychological depression and the atmosphere of tension in the family or work in society, and it is not strange that the desire to weak the crisis and conflicts and revolutions and difficult times experienced by the peoples, and must address the cause of this weakness.
Sexual disorders are diagnosed by the pathogenesis and then by tests to exclude the organic causes and then reach the solution. People use the word impotence to denote any or all of the disorders, and sometimes add to them the ability to have fertility and fertility which have nothing to do with these disorders, but they are related to sperm and the number of sperm and their proportion and natural and abnormal, there may be convergence in some cases then there is weakness in erection, desire and ability to reproduce, but in most sexual disorders semen is normal.
In everyday practice, the most striking view is that the sexual culture of people is weak and may be wrong because it is originated by friends or pornographic sites and not by accredited medical sources.
In Arab society, people are not aware of the amount to which sex is linked to psychiatry and is associated with urinary tract or dermatology.
In fact, venereal diseases are meant to be sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis. They are not sexual disorders, so most sexual disorders are traced to psychiatry. If there is an organic cause, treatment with the specialist on the cause, whether with hormones, nerves or diabetes.
People ask a question about economic and political conditions and their impact on sexual performance. This is self-evident.

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