Top 6 way to Ancient Egyptians treat sexual weakness

How treat sexual weakness

with the increasing side effects of modern treatments, many people resorted to herbal treatment. The first to use herbs in medicine were the ancient Egyptians who excelled in these treatments, which confirm many of the papyri of the effect of these herbs, including treatment of diabetes and sexual weakness and baldness and diseases of the colon and worms and other diseases.

One of the papyrus papyrus described the symptoms of diabetes, that the patient sufferers from the severity of thirst and urination frequently.
Sexual weekness

1 . lettuce to treat sexual weakness

Pharaonic doctors mentioned lettuce in the medical papyrus that it is included in many treatments, and amazing that the lettuce was a great interest through the inscription on the walls of the tasks that linked the god responsible for fertilization and reproduction of lettuce by placing piles of lettuce under his feet. In addition to finding the inscriptions were always represented God of fertility (Maine).
The males stand in front of him to receive his help and advice in return for large quantities of lettuce, which means that lettuce addresses the problem of sexual weakness in men, also known that it helps in the digestive process and strengthens the eyesight and ease the pain of menstruation and also has the ability to give psychological comfort. Recently, the nutritional value of the lettuce plant was known to be enriched with vitamin A and vitamin D. The scientists and researchers discovered that it was rich in vitamin E, which is the fertilizing vitamin and the balance of sex hormones and increase their secretion. This supports the old medicine’s interest in strengthening the sexual force and treating the ancients Egyptians make cases Infertility.

2. Oranges to get rid of depression

Orange flower, used to combat stress and feeling optimistic, as well as bathing out and foot massage out, are given further recovery.

3 . treatment baldness grease crocodile and ducks

Also known as the old Egyptian baldness and hair loss and succeeded in the installation of some materials to feed the hair and prevent falling, use a mixture of crocodile fat, ducks and snakes to treat the problem of baldness, which is recommended by cosmetic experts, and was introduced in some medical materials for the treatment of hair.

4. treatment of stomach strikes with anise

Anise is mentioned in the pharaonic manuscripts (papyrus) among several therapeutic recipes and anise seeds boiled in the pharaonic medical paprika as a drink for the treatment of pain and stomach disorders and dyslexia. In the papyrus, he said that anise used by the ancient Egyptians as an aromatic stimulant exhaled and against intestinal bulges, and treatment for gum and tooth pains. Archaeologists have found the fruits of aniseed in the tombs of the eastern desert of the city of Taiba.

5. Hibiscus for blood pressure

Doctors advise to drink hibiscus in the treatment of blood pressure, but this fact was the Pharaohs first to reach through their medical documents, they have been interested in the cultivation of hibiscus and used flowers in some of the prescriptions treatment, especially as a drink analgesic for headaches and witch hunters

6. Dates to treat acidity and rid the blood of toxins

Archaeologists have found the date palm kernel in many Pharaonic tombs, in addition to offering offerings to the gods. This indicates the height and status of the ancient Egyptians, who made a kind of wine. It helps to rid the toxins of the blood and excess acidity and also helps to form red blood cells, and they know that it provides the body energy and activity.

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