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Tips for Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in the quality of your life. Healthy sleep habits are often referred to as gold hygiene. Try to keep the following sleeping practices on a consistent basis:

1. With one sleep schedule of the same gold sleep time and also on the weekends. It helps to regulate your body clock and you can help to sleep and help to stay as for the night.

2. Practice a relaxing sleep. Before sleeping, sleeping in sleep, sleeping time, stress or stress helps to separate your sleeping time in sleep, which is the stress, Tension Or can cause anxiety, which may cause sleep, sleep, sleep, or sleep.

3. Air down. Your body needs time to make changes in the sleep mode, so before sleeping, start reading like a quiet activity. For some people, using an electronic device as a laptop It can be difficult to sleep because the special type of light emerging from the screen of these devices is activating the brain. Before sleeping or in the middle of the night Avoid the first electronics.

4. If you can not sleep, then go to another room and relax for relaxation. The content of the sleeping environment is the best way to do computer and broadcast. For sleep and sleep only for sleep and sleep Use your bed. If you worry about sleeping a particular activity or item, then remove it from your sleeping routine.

5. If you still feel sleepy So do not hesitate to talk to your doctor or take a professional sleep. You can also take advantage of your sleep record in Nine Diary so that you can evaluate some common patterns about your sleep or sleep habits Can.

How to get sleep

If you are having difficulty sleeping, then sleeping regularly will help you get into the air and sleep.

Some people stuck in a strict sleeping routine. This is not a problem for most people, but Ansonia For, irregular sleeping hours are useless.

Your routine depends on what works for you, but the most important thing is that you regularly exercise In and take him.

Sleeping regular time


First of all, keep regular sleep hours for this program to use the brain and internal body clock for a set routine. Every night there is a need to take around 6 to 9 hours of sleep. What time are you working to wake up, You can schedule a regular bedtime time.


Make sure you have an important step to prepare the curved wind down to sleep.

There are many ways to relax: Bathing for a bath will keep the body temperature right. For the next day, For writing “List”, you can organize your thoughts and make your brain the subject of any distraction.

The exercise of disintegration, such as the incidence of light yoga It helps to relax the muscles. Do not exercise faster, because it will have an adverse effect. Relax by using a written script, soft hypnosis music and sound effects, reading a book or writing radio.

Listening to the mind gives relief to the mind by distracting it. If you want more thoughts, then you should live your life. P. can get help and advice.

Now what you can do


you can sleep well by sleeping well and can help you to get better quality sleep. Regularly follow the regular sleep routine program, follow a comfortable sleep routine. Make an environment that lets you off the dose: Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and shiny electronic screens in the hour before sleeping. If you can not sleep, then it is forced Do not stop and enjoy some relaxing activities. Then try again when you feel more comfortable.

If sleep is still a struggle, then talk to your doctor. An underlying health condition or other factors affect your ability to sleep Your doctor can recommend changes in additional lifestyle, medicines or any other policies that will help you to relax.